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Becky Broton (Martin)

M.S., LCPC, she/her/hers

Life can be more than a little overwhelming these days. We live in a world that frequently rewards working harder, moving faster, and achieving more. I wish more people knew that the process of healing and growing doesn’t often follow those rules. I create safe and supportive spaces for my clients to explore, grow, and heal. Everyone deserves to have a space that is truly and uniquely their own to explore the complexity of their experience and I work to do that by letting my clients see my human side as much as my therapist side. While there are still days I wish I could give my clients all the answers, I’ve learned over time that it is kinder to use thoughtful questions and curious acceptance to help them discover those answers for themselves.


I encourage you to start wherever you’re at and give yourself the grace to figure things out at your own pace. As a perfectionist myself, I’m quite open about practicing what I preach and trying my best to find openness and flexibility in moments when the urge to fix, strive, and achieve strikes (which for me is frequent). My mission as a therapist is to use both my personal experiences and my training to develop a genuine trust and connection with each of my clients. With that foundation, we can collaboratively explore what is already going well in their lives as well as where they’d like to make some changes, both large and small.

“You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people.” – Alex Elle

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